Having a career with us is more than just a paycheck...

Entering our universe, you will be shaping the life of other people. You will be participating in enhancing the life of people on a daily basis with the best conditions humanly possible. You will be helping to provide a service that has never been provided this way before. 

Join a dynamic team


Real Estate Analyst

This position is for those holding a bachelor degree from a recognized university and are attentive to details. In addition, among other things acute analytical skills are required and above all, a passion for finance and real estate. 



You would be playing the role a concierge. Which will include some various tasks on the field such has maintenance and others. It is an unmatched position if you love learning and apprehend new challenges. You will be entrusted with responsibilities right from the beginning. Knowledge of maintenance, technology and communication skills are required. 


Endo Sales Representative

You will be responsible for sales occurring within a given territory. Leads and sales opportunities will come directly to you. It is commission based,  great ambition to satisfied clients is required. 


Chancellor (entry level)

This position similar to a property manager position. You will have major responsibilities. You will be working directly with the top management of the firm throughout your training. Before becoming officially Chancellor, it may take a year or less. You will be given a territory to manage. The success or failures of others might depend on your leadership abilities. 


Associate - Institutional Sales

This position is for those who have remarkable communication skills, the capacity to travel and handle pressure. You would have to develop institutional and / or international  relationships. This position if for experienced professionals such has real estate,  business and stock brokers and others. 


Executive Assistant - Real Estate Assets

You would act has a right hand person of the highest echelon of the enterprise. This an supportive position, none-less extremely challenging. You would touch the aspects of marketing, law, finance, business, real estate, architecture, engineering, sales and much more. You will directly assist the CEO or the president. Traveling is required. Given the amount of tasks and responsibilities, your training is about six months or more. We carefully screen candidatures for the job. Multiple interviews will be required. 

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