Modern Way of Living

Modern Way of Living Modern Way of Living Modern Way of Living

Smart Rooms are now in Montreal 1 to 12 months stay


We are in an era of shared economy where living spaces are shrinking, cost of living are increasing. Multi-livin is offering: nice and affordable co-living spaces easy to use, built for those with the mindset of "no strings attached". Our  contracts have flexible duration, we are lodging the people of tomorrow. 

How it works - 3 Steps

  1.  Fill out the form 
  2. Visit the property 
  3. Book your room 

Furnished rooms

  All our rooms have the necessity so you can focus on what is important to you. Multi-livin takes care of the rest. Share some common spaces with vetted people, all managed and maintain by our organisation.

Smart Housing

We are working heaven and earth to provide the best smart housing experience possible. Internet of things (Iot) is the future, our organisation is in the middle of it. You will have your private quarter where you can control every single element of it and with your phone, including the door, the light and the fridge.

We are a Conciergerie Service

Your room can be ready within 24 hours or less after your booking. - We also have a concierge service and airport pick up available and much more for you.

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